If you are looking for a reliable supplier for your private label air freshener or a promotional air freshener, look no more.

At Diexsa we have vast experience making private label air fresheners.  We can help you design and manufacture your branded air fresheners at competitive costs and proven quality standards

Types of Private Label Air fresheners available

We have four type paper air fresheners to choose from:

Paper air freshener usually hanged in rear view mirrors, this is the most popular air freshener we make.  It is manufactured with high quality blotter paper, high resolution printing and a large variety of quality scents.

Vent clip air fresheners for use in air conditioning vents with double sided scent strips and personalized front sticker that can be printed with any design.

Stone type air fresheners are also very popular in some countries and/or channels.  They can have your logo imprinted on the stone.

Pump air fresheners is also a very popular air freshener in most countries and channels.

Another option for your private label air fresheners can be a scented gel.  With attractive container and blister type packaging or in bulk for individual display.

All five types of air fresheners can be packed in single or multiple packs.

We can make any air freshener with your logo or with any promotional message.

Send us your logo or design we can send you a quote or even a dummy for your review.

For more information check DIEXSA´s line of air fresheners or you can check our branded air fresheners webpage if you like